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About 8,000 years ago wine was born in Georgia. This is one of its centers in the Alazani River valley of Kakheti Province. The town and its imposing fortress monastery is named after a monk, Joseph Alaverdi who founded the original structure, shortly after St. Nino, buried at Bodbe Monastery near our BSST Community of Nukriani brought Christianity to Georgia. Both travelled from the ancient Syria and the earliest structures of Alaverdi Monastery date back to 6th century and when the area was a centre dedicated to the worship of the moon. Now, it remains a quiet spot where the main road brings busloads of tourists to the mountainous Tusheti region. It is worth a few days on its own, to taste the wine, walk along the river, taste local cheese and absorb Georgian culture.

Step one

Learn about the community through our community tour

Designed by our communities and part of your unique, two-night-package, the tour represents the three pillars of sustainable tourism - environmental, economic and socio cultural

Unique culture

  • Start your day on the grounds of the Blue House - a renovated traditional Kakheti home with a huge balcony.
  • Take a walk to Alaverdi Cathedral through the town and visit grounds.
  • Visit the winery and honey factory run by the monastery

Natural beauty

  • This is the heart of wine country and the Alazani River feeds it as it did 8,000 years ago. Relax in a quiet wooded area to catch your own fish and have it cooked to perfection and enjoy the natural surroundings

Village life

  • Take a cooking master-class from Nana and make your own Khachapuri or Khinkali for lunch
  • Churchkela is the national sweet snack - a string of walnuts dipped in thickened grape juice. Learn how it is made and taste local wine at Neli’s place.
  • End the day with a local dinner at Blue House

Step two

Stay longer with these activities

Special activities created by our communities. Make a selection and pay directly at the destination
The High Caucasus card image

The High Caucasus

A three day trip to Tusheti from your base in Alaverdi Stay in Tusheti for 2 nights Return for peaceful night at Alaverdi Blue

Availability: May through October

Group size: 20 maximum

Price per person: 110$

Click the heart to select.

Protecting Nature card image

Protecting Nature

Visit the Babaneuri Nature Reserve on the banks of the Alazani River. It contains the largest grove of the rarest plant in Georgia - the Caucasian zelkova- a tree that has survived millions of years and was considered extinct until 1946 when discovered on the banks of the Alazani.

Availability: June through October

Group size: 20 maximum

Price per person: 165$

Click the heart to select.

The Center of Wine card image

The Center of Wine

A one day trip to Kvareli with sights along the way before returning to Alaverdi Blue. Kvareli is the home of Kindzmarauli, a semi-sweet red wine. Dinner is included.

Availability: June through October

Group size: 12 maximum

Price per person: 130$

Click the heart to select.

The Capital of Kakheti card image

The Capital of Kakheti

Take a day trip to Telavi, the capital of Kakheti and once the capital of the Kingdom of Kakheti. Visit the King’s Palce, Tsinandali Palace Gardens and other sites and dinner.

Availability: March through November

Group size: 20 maximum

Price per person: 75$

Click the heart to select.

To the Highlands card image

To the Highlands

Take a one day trip to Shatili in the Arghuni gorge a unique complex of medieval-to-early modern fortresses and fortified dwellings guarding the north eastern border of Georgia.

Availability: May through September

Group size: 10 maximum

Price per person: 190$

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The Fortress Town card image

The Fortress Town

Come with us on a one day trip to Sighnagi - or we can link you up (depending on availability) with our partner BSST village of Nukriani so you can stay there. A restored town that guarded the Alazani River valley and home to art museums, its famous walls and attractive buildings.

Availability: March through November

Group size: 20 maximum

Price per person: 165$

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Step three

Choose your accommodation

How to get there

By Car: You can hire a car one way from Tbilisi to Alaverdi for about $50. We can arrange for your reservation at no extra charge. The drive is about two hours.

By Mini-bus: Minibuses depart from Tbilisi according to multiple schedules and cost about $5. Schedules vary and we can find out for you.

Meet the community

Community representatives


Board Member and Founder, Bridge-Innovation and Development


Board Member and Founder, Bridge Innovation & Development


Chair of the social enterprise "Alaverdi Blue"

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