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Kazbegi Region

Welcome to Stepantsminda - the official name of Kazbegi village. You’ll arrive via the Georgian Military Highway It is one of two crossings of Caucasus mountain range and connected trade from ancient Persia. The morning view of Mt. Kazbek is unforgettable. The mountain, where Georgian legend says Prometheus was chained for giving fire to mortals, is not the only site. These are some of the highest mountains in Europe. The surrounding valleys and hills lead to waterfalls and monasteries while local crafts are widely practiced together with a unique cuisine.

Step one

Learn about the community through our community tour

Designed by our communities and part of your unique, two-night-package, the tour represents the three pillars of sustainable tourism - environmental, economic and socio cultural

Unique culture

  • Felt making is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Learn how to make your own creation at Teka House.
  • Test your culinary skills with local dishes and enjoy true mountain cuisine.

Natural beauty

  • The breathtaking beauty of the region is legendary. Trek up to Sameba Cathedral for a bird’s eye view.
  • Visit beautiful waterfalls in a remote valley and its monastery.

Village life

  • Start your day in a Kazbegi home and it’s welcoming host.
  • Walk the streets of this surprisingly active transportation hub and take in a way of life that has adapted to these high mountains
  • Enjoy a freshly prepared meals made with local products

Step two

Stay longer with these activities

Special activities created by our communities. Make a selection and pay directly at the destination
Sno Valley & Juta card image

Sno Valley & Juta

Spend a full day in Sno Valley and Juta. Pick up at your accommodation with a stop in Sno to see the giant carved stones of historical figures. Continue to Juta for a horse trek to Chaukhi pass and mountain. Lunch or picnic included

Availability: June through September

Group size: 6 maximum

Price per person: 90$

Click the heart to select.

Truso Valley Trek card image

Truso Valley Trek

z full-day trek in the beautiful Truso Valley, the source of the Tergi river. and beautiful Kasari canyon. The car will bring you to the mineral lake after which you will trek past monasteries and semi-abandoned villages ending at Zakagori fortress. The route is mostly flat and is about 17 km. Lunch provided. Take sunblock.

Availability: June through September

Group size: 6 maximum

Price per person: 64$

Click the heart to select.

Old Ruins and Villages card image

Old Ruins and Villages

Visit the ruins and old villages of Khurtisi, Goristicke, Toti, Garbani and Pansheti and hear some local legends and stories. Your car and guide pick you up and bring you to the starting point. Includes some walking, steep in places. About a 4-hour excursion.

Availability: June through September

Group size: 6 maximum

Price per person: 92$

Click the heart to select.

Step three

Choose your accommodation

How to get there

  • By taxi from Tbilisi: A three-hour hour drive one way. It will cost you around 150-200 gel ($60 – $80 USD). We can arrange transportation - just contact us or check the box on the Booking Request form.

Meet the community

Community representatives


Community member and tourism service provider


Board member of Kazbegi Local Action Group (LAG)


Farmer and member of the Kazbegi LAG agricultural sub-group

Pictures of Kabegi