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Situated in the foothills of the mountains of Bolu province, Mudurnu is not far from Istanbul and sits in the narrow, deep Mudurnu river valley with rich pine forests and thermal springs. It is a window into the history of the region and in the heart of protected forests. Time has stopped in Mudurnu. The houses are the finest examples of traditional Ottoman architecture and the craftsmen of the town still preserve the tradition of their 700 year old Akhism guild. You'll be surrounded by a serene atmosphere, untouched nature, cultural heritage and a local lifestyle that has been protected for hundreds of years, It is part of the international 'Slow City' (CittaSlow) movement and a historic trade center dating back thousands of years. Home to the Phrygians, Lydians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans, its name comes from the Byzantine Princess Modrene, who lived in the castle whose ruins can be seen. Mudurnu was on the crossroads of major trade routes, including the Silk Road connecting inner Asia with Tabriz, and the Crimean Road, linking Damascus with the Mediterranean. Mudurnu awaits you to discover its well-kept secrets.

Step one

Learn about the community through our community tour

Designed by our communities and part of your unique, two-night-package, the tour represents the three pillars of sustainable tourism - environmental, economic and socio cultural

Unique Culture

  • A walking tour of the historic center of this Ottoman Silk Road Craft town, including Yıldırım Bayezit Mosque and Hammam, the riverside promenade with traditional Mudurnu houses, and its famous Clock Tower.
  • Visit the old, historic Arasta (Bazaar) and the Akhism Museum, the lacework workshop, old ironsmiths' shops, and the long-standing Ahi Baba Barbershop. If you happen to be there on a Friday, join the 700-year-old ritual of the Merchants' Prayer held on the streets of the Arasta.

Natural Beauty

  • Take a walk around Abant lake, a jewel created by an ancient landslide and part of the region's national park and the most heavily wooded areas of Turkey. . Perhaps you will spot some wild boar, red deer, brown bears, and red foxes. A species of trout, only found in the lake, make it extra special.

Village Life

  • Try local cuisine including 'kasiksapi', 'sarma' and/or 'kizilcik tarhana soup', at one of the local eateries in the Bazaar.
  • Have a cultural dinner in the Bökesoylar Mansion garden, with live traditional music.

Step two

Stay longer with these activities

Special activities created by our communities. Make a selection and pay directly at the destination. Some activiteis can be combined
Industrial Ruins Romance card image

Industrial Ruins Romance

A guided tour of the old Mudurnu tannery and historic electric plant that supplied power to Mudurnu in the 1920s. The founder of the 13th century Akhi Guild which continues to this day, Ahi Evran, was a tanner. These historic landmarks are in a critical state of ruin. Hard hats will be provided.

Availability: May through October

Group size: Up to 12

Price per person: $71.50 - $99 for two, guide included

Click the heart to select.

Cranberry Cuisine card image

Cranberry Cuisine

A guided visit to the Women's Cooperative, to learn about cranberry picking, processing and cooking of 'kizilcik' (cranberry) based dishes.- a local favourite

Availability: May through October

Group size: Up to 12

Price per person: $77 - $110 for two, includes $40 fee for guide

Click the heart to select.

The Babas Hamam card image

The Babas Hamam

Experience the relaxation of a modest Turkish bathhouse with natural thermal springs during the late afternoon or early evening!

Availability: May through November

Group size: Up to 12

Price per person: $22

Click the heart to select.

Armutçular Mansion card image

Armutçular Mansion

Take a day tour of the exquisite, former Governor's Office, the twin of a vanished Bosphorus mansion in Istanbul, a masterpiece of Anatolian Baroque timber architecture

Availability: May through October

Group size: Up to 12

Price per person: $60.50 - $77.00 for two including guide

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Take part in 'Birikme' Night, a traditional gathering of young and old men performing humorous games and jokes, as education in social manners and morality. The event takes place in Munduşlar, a village about 10 km outside Mudurnu.

Availability: May through October

Group size: Up to 12

Price per person: $77 - $110 for two, guide included

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Step three

Choose your accommodation

How to get there

  • You can reach Mudurnu by car in a little over 2.5 hours from Istanbul, from the Asian side
  • Buses are available from Istanbul and the journey is almost 5 hours. There is a bus from Ankara as well which involves a change.

If you would like us to arrange for transportation, please contact us and we will be pleased to do so. The price is $00.00 one-way.

Meet the Community

Community representatives


Community Organisation Member and Local Business Owner


Community Organisation Member and Historical Travel Guide.

Dr. Ayse Ege

Community Organisation Member and Heritage Planner

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