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Hola Prystan - Coming in August!

Founded in the early 18th century by the Zaporizhian Cossacks, Hola Prystan sits along the Konka River, a tributary of the nearby Dnipro flowing into the Black Sea a short distance away. This is considered the "last city" on the Dnipro and walking along the promenade, visiting the vibrant local market and even a small ethnographic museum will absorb a day.

Step one

Learn about the community through our community tour

Designed by our communities and part of your unique, two-night-package, the tour represents the three pillars of sustainable tourism - environmental, economic and socio cultural

Unique culture

  • Visit Tavria Hutora where traditional crafts and activities are a community effort.
  • Try traditional Ukrainian cuisine made with home grown ingrediants
  • Take pottery and ebru painting (painting under water) classes

Natural beauty

  • Take a kayak or boat and explore the reed forests
  • Visit the Black Sea biosphere reserve and walk in the Black Sea steppe

Village life

  • Visit small businesses selling their home grown products and crafts
  • Stroll through the local market
  • Enjoy dinner with traditional music

Step two

Stay longer with these activities

Special activities created by our communities. Make a selection and pay directly at the destination
Preserving tradition card image

Preserving tradition

Visit traditional shops and discover crafts

Availability: April - September

Group size: Up to 10

Price per person: 20$

Click the heart to select.

Cooking classes card image

Cooking classes

Learn traditional Ukrainian dishes from a local chef and try your own creations

Availability: April - September

Group size: up to 10

Price per person: 10$

Click the heart to select.

Step three

Chaika Eco-complex

How to get there

Meet our CommunityMeet our CommunityMeet our CommunityMeet our CommunityMeet our CommunityMeet our CommunityMeet our CommunityMeet our CommunityMeet our Community

Meet our Community

Supporting sustainable approaches


Founder of Chaika Eco-complex and Zelony Hutor Complex

Visit our river kingdom